More than dumplings

Dumplings are the focus of Mosquito, but these stars are not alone, working together with soups, noodles and vegetable dishes with sauteed, braised pork or smoked fried duck to mention just some examples.

The Mosquito Lunch Menu adds egg noodles and pho as main dishes, and a tapas menu slightly reduced to accompany them.

The Mosquito Dinner Menu offers a tapas menu in its entirety, with more than 20 small delights based on high quality local ingredients. For example we make our noodles and dumpling skin from organic local flour.

Not only do we want to do well in the kitchen, we also want to do well when it comes to taking care of our environment.


  • Duck

  • Wonton soup

  • Shaomai

  • Vegetable crystal bao

  • Kimchi cabbage salad

  • Pho bo "city"

  • Thai fish

  • Shuijiao

  • Goutie

  • Bang bang chiken

  • Table

Beers, teas and soft drinks

Beer · Some beer in bottles, others in barrel and even hand pumped!  It depends on what type of beer is available wen you come, because we like to try and make you try new beers as often as possible.

We are lovers of craft beer, for the intensity of its flavors, for the nuances and for how it brings to you an interesting experience from the first moment that the foam wets the lips. But we don't forget the classic: the Belgians, the German wheat beers, English-styles...

Tea and Refreshments · We buy our teas from Barcelona top tea emporium Caj Chai and we are never dissapointed in the quality.  We've been working together for a few years now and they are the best we know. For our soft drinks, we have searched long and wide we have found two suppliers for new drinks both sparkling and still and interesting flavours and combinations.


  • Beer

  • Beer2

  • Soft drinks

  • Beers



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